Monday, August 14, 2017

Down the Mac

After a very lazy day on Sunday, today we topped up with shopping and made our way to the services..
It has been six years to the day that we lost Len, Del's Dad, and not a day goes by without us missing him.. A lot has happened in those six years.

We had no choice but to try the manual pump out here as we were now at ten on our gauge.. The tank had gone three weeks and we knew we needed to empty somehow as the Macclesfield Canal was so shallow in places.
Del managed to get some hogweed of the prop which we had picked up along the Peak Forest, and then we waited for the water tap and elsan to become free. We waited and waited and every time another boat moved onto the services...
After an hour we got a slot and pulled the pins and got in.. while filling with water Del emptied the waste tank.. and all was done in half an hour..
Meanwhile Marky and Sian had returned after a christening yesterday, and followed us on to the water point once we had come off.
We then both set off together and started our journey down the Macclesfield. The first thing you pass is Goyt Spinning Mill with its missing chimney, erected in 1905 and now used for various different trades, one of them being saddlery.
Suddenly the canal got very busy, something we were not used to having been on the Liverpool Link and Ashton canals.
We soon got to Higher Poynton, the home of Braidbar Boats (and there were a few of them about)
We both moored up soon afterwards in a nice wide part of the canal with loads of wildlife.

We then chilled for the rest of the evening with Len still in mind. So here's to you Dad, hope you're having as much fun as we are.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Meet at Marple

We awoke to rain showers but they were suppose to stop around 10.00 am so we took a chance and set off.
The good thing was that no one else wanted to take the chance and it wasn't busy. The bad thing was they were right and we did get caught in a few heavy showers.
The scenery on this canal is amazing, and is as good coming out from Whaley Bridge as coming in.
We pushed on through two lift bridges and a swing bridge and got ourselves back to Marple at Lunchtime.
We spotted a good mooring right on the junction and soon got settled.
We then took a walk around town to suss things out and used the handy Asda in the town to get Tooty's Cat litter.
We got back to Derwent6 and then had lunch with a couple of nice Manchester cakes we got from one of the bakers.
N.b Mochyn Du wasn't far behind us with its new crew and managed to moor just in front of us on the junction.
In the evening we went out for a few beers before their crew of Shag's and Zara had to go in the morning. We ended up in a lovely Italian Restaurant in town and had some great food and wine. Forgot to take any pics though lol...

Sneaking out

We crept out of Bugsworth Basin at 7.30am because we had told a hotel boat, who had blocked us all in the afternoon before, that we wanted to leave at this time..  It was hard as we didn't get in till late and only had a few hours sleep, but as we had no locks and only one swing bridge we decided to go..
We filled with water before we set off and only went about a couple of miles before we found a nice spot with some scenery.
We knew it was going to rain later in the day so we buttoned Derwent6 up and went back to bed..
The rain woke us up and we just pottered about inside, and used the time to make a few plans with what we have going on in the future, not always a good thing!
We even had a good tv signal so watched the Athletics all afternoon.

All Sorted

So with painting done it was back to the brasses, in fact the bilge got sorted as well. Derwent6 is looking shipshape again.
Tooty wasn't impressed though..

In the evening Mark and Sian had friend Shags and his daughter Zara arriving and we all walked up to The Old Hall pub for a very nice meal together..
We then met up with Steve and Chris off n.b. Amy Jo who turned up at the basin late in the day. We caught the end of the pub quiz in the Navigation pub, and it was nice to see them again.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Painting day

More rain in the morning but it stopped after breakfast thank goodness! We then moved the boat over to the other side of the basin and got to work on painting the starboard side of the gunwale. It worked out perfect because it was cool in the morning for rubbing down and prepping and then it warmed up a little for painting. It was lovely and sunny by the evening for drying. A job well done, we just chilled in the evening after all the hard work..

Tesco's and Tramway

We woke up and the weather was awful, Tooty had come in soaked to the skin and the rain just never wanted to stop.
After getting up and having some breakfast we decided to take a walk into Whaley Bridge.

Just a seven minute walk away is a big Tesco's here and we also took the opportunity to walk round the village, and see the Basin and moorings as well.
After getting three large bags of shopping we got back to Derwent6, still with the rain beating down on the roof..
It was an afternoon of doing nothing, it was so damp outside it felt like you wanted to light the fire.
After a shower, Del met up with Marky and they walked up the tramway to another little village called Whitehough.
The tramway is where the limestone was taken from Bugworth Basin to the mills and factories through the valleys.
 It was a railway that had a very slight incline and horses used to pull the trucks up to the mills, so when they were full they would roll down back to Bugsworth Basin, a very dangerous job.
Young boys would be the brakes with blocks of wood sitting on the sides of the trucks.
At Whitehough there are two great pubs owned by the same owner, the Old Hall, and the Paper Mill. They had a good selection of ales and the Old Hall did very good food.
We walked back to the navigation pub and watched Man U and Real Madrid in the football Super Cup.
Still raining, we got back to D6 at 10.00pm.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Buxton Bash

After another night of rain last night Del was up early wiping down Derwent6, while Al stayed in bed and read her book.
It is lovely down here in the basin.
It was then time to get the sander out and rub down the gunwales to give them a coat of paint..
Marky had offered to supply a roller and tray which Del had never used before, and managed to get a good coat on before any showers.
Luckily the sun came out and soon dried the side.
It was then in and a quick shower before we walked over the hill to the station at Whaley Bridge.
We then jumped on the train to Buxton, and it was worth it just for the scenery.
Buxton is a small town in the peak district and most of its shops are geared for the outdoor world.
We had some lunch in Greggs and then wandered round the town, looking at the history and culture and also the pubs.

Buxton has its own brewery, and we found a tap house which served all these local beers. With some at 12% it was time to take it easy, you could order a 1/3 or 2/3 of a glass because of it's strength, but it was nice..
We then took in a bit more culture and went over to the Opera House and Gardens; John Willoughby was the founder, and Frank Matcham was the Architect. Frank had designed theatre's such as London Palladium, Coliseum, Victoria Place and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.
It looks stunning from the outside and we were given the opportunity to see the inside.
We came out of there and went over to The Old Meeting Room a pub similar in Architecture.
We met a couple of guys in there who joined us Nicco and Brian (who reminded us of Fred Dibnah), and we had such a laugh all afternoon.
We got hungry again and walked over to the Indian over the road for a bit of spice to end the day.
We got the last train back to Whaley bridge and then got a cab from there as we didn't feel safe to walk in our state, and we were tired, it only cost a fiver..

On to the Basin

We woke up leaning to one side and Derwent6 felt like you were waking through the crooked house, so we decided to move even though our views were amazing.
After cleaning the windows after the locks yesterday we set off from Strines.
We came to the next swing bridge and CaRT were standing either side of it having opened it manually. "The motor has packed up" the shouted as we went past and it turned out they were only opening it at certain times.. Lucky! we thought.
There are a few swing and lift bridges down this section but Wow it is so pretty.. 
We even went past the sweet factory where they make Love Hearts, so even the smells were good..

You are still very high and over look the valleys with the railway running through the middle.
The only problem again was how shallow it was, we had to go at 2mph all the way and god help you if you had to use reverse.
We got to Bugsworth basin and managed to turn and reverse up one of the arms, we made it!

Then it was up the Navigation Pub for a well deserved drink, and a grand Sunday lunch, watching Arsenal win the Charity Shield Cup, Heaven!