Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making waves today

We were getting itchy feet again and felt the need to move. The forecast was sunshine and showers, still with the strong winds, but we pulled the pins and made our way with the wind behind us...It wasn't too bad and only difficult on the tight turns, but we wouldn't have wanted to go into wind. We were lucky with the showers as well, the sun followed us all the way to our mooring spot. It was a bit of a shame the old low Wormleighton Grange wooden footbridge had gone and BW were there hopefully erecting a new one. We thought we might take the new chimney off here, but it lasts another day!!!!!The wind was howling at this point and creating waves down the side of Derwent6 so we then did the gearbox oil change. Derwent6 has now done 230 hours and it took about one and a half litres of oil. We then cleaned the Houdini hatches as they were looking a bit tarnished but they all came up ok. The next job was the brass liners in the portholes, which have been a godsend. We are so pleased we didn't have wood liners fitted, all we need to do is run Brasso over them every couple of weeks and they come up like new.

We then went for a small circular walk to give us a bit of exercise and then Al made some cakes.

In the afternoon we listened to the radio and had a nice pasta dinner. Time for another DVD tonight.


Bottle said...


To reduce polishing the brasses, have been told 'Incralac' is good.
Not used it myself yet, so only going on hearsay.

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith
Incralac is great if you don't want to polish your brasses, but they don't shine as 'white' as doing them yourself.

Roger NB Windsong said...


Is that the ricketty old wooden bridge that was close to the 180* turn? Shame if it is, always sad to lose a bit of character off the cut.