Friday, March 13, 2009

The hidden train set

Woke up to bright sunshine which soon turned into a fine drizzle, which we were so pleased about, as we had just finished the brasses!
We then went for a walk along the disused railway line towards Rugby. This brought us out to a lane which went into Barby village and we passed a garden with a super train set in it.
It was run by Rugby miniature train enthusiasts and they are open to the public on certain weekends.
This was the ticket office
We then carried on up to Barby Hill and the view was fantastic. You can see the canal with the young offenders prison in the background....If you look carefully you can just see Derwent6 in the middle of the picture on the far left hand side
Al made a lovely bread pudding and put a casserole on the stove and the smell was gorgeous when we got back...
Now to watch a bit of Red Nose Day!!


Anonymous said...

Love the nose!!!!!! Tel xxxxxx

Derwent Gnome said...

Just a note to you two my name is not Gnomie, Gnome or Derwent6 Gnome it is DERWENT GNOME and dont you forget it. I thought we were friends and because of that I have another video to send you all about lost friends. But you will have to wait now as I feel a little hurt.

Friends forever
Derwent Gnome

Del and Al said...

Sorry Gnomie
but you will alway's be Gnomie to us.You must remember when we used to talk to you in the back garden. You never forget you friends!

Anonymous said...

sounds like gnomie has lost the plot lost his dummy and his friends,if he cant remember when you used to talk to him in the back garden mybe he is an imposter


Derwent Gnome said...

Bernie, whatever sort of name is that or is it Bernard or Bernaard or is it that you have just lost your bolt.
Be serious them two talking to a gnome I know thay like a drink but really.
As for being an imposter that I most definatly am not.

Derwent Gnome