Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snagging with the Birthday Boy

A really busy day, Well for us anyway! It started with the two guys from Fernwood turning up early morning to do our continued snagging list. After filling the boat up with tools they cracked on fitting a drain off pipe from the water tank so it won't fill the bilge anymore.(one job less in the morning). They then fitted a new modified water gauge but couldn't calibrate it because we didn't know how much water was in the tank. We were shown how to do this, for when we next fill up with water. Then the spare bed had a better locking device. They then adjusted a few doors and repaired a laminate panel. But the main reason for us being here at Rugby was that Ken from Fernwood was bringing two guys from Axiom Propellers ( down to have a look at the noise we were getting from the stern when in drive.

It was Kens 60th Birthday (and he looks bloody good for it) so Happy Birthday Ken from us on Derwent6.
Alan & David ran through the spill of the Axiom Prop, which we've got to say looks good with advantages like better economy, less wake, quieter, and best of all, steering in reverse, so none of that pushing the stern out when trying to moor bow first. But all this aside we just want the noise sorted out.
While they were all here Bubs and Keith turned up as they were also interested in this new prop, so we had nine on board, it was like having a party with the sawdust all over the floor as well.

We gave Ken his birthday card and present (so he could put his badge on) and all the Fernwood guys left mid afternoon. We headed down to Frankie and Benny's with Bubs' & Keith for a bit of grub, and then onto the cinema for the second night to see "The curious case of Benjamin Button" . Well you have to get it in while you're close to a 10 screen cinema.

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Anonymous said...

It was lovely to see you both,Keith is really interested in the new prop!!(What about the new cooker I want?)No doubt the prop will take priority.Bye for now,enjoy yourselves. Love Mum & Keith xxxx