Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chilling in the cratch

What a lovely long day today......quite unusual as the clocks went forward last night, but think its a combination of a beautiful day, light evening, and the fact that we were up at 6am to watch the Grand Prix! What a great Brawn taking 1st & 2nd, Jenson winning, and Lewis Hamilton taking 3rd from last place on the grid.

After tea and toast, we got on with some jobs. Del cleaned the boat, and it was gleaming in the sunshine. It was quite quiet this morning, but after lunch, we had a steady stream of boats passing us. We just chilled out at the front of the boat, reading and listening to the radio. Pick of the pops today went back to 1979, the year we got together, and some great music. A trip down memory lane.

There were lots of walkers out enjoying the fine weather, and we chatted to some lovely people.

Ernie passed on ten bob note ( but we could only manage a quick hello as there was a boat coming the other way. Have a good trip Ernie.

We had another lovely sunset tonight......and we know how much you all love these sunset shots.

It's now 7.56pm and its still light........woo hoo !!!!

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