Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another lovely day...

We had a lazy morning and decided to stay put for the weekend and take advantage of the sunshine and watch the boats passing by....One of those boats was Debdale ( who were filling up with water and making their way up to the Ashby.... It was great to meet up with you guys, but it did remind us of those days when we just had to get moving to see as much of the system as possible, and all in a week.

We could have drifted off into a deep sleep if it wasn't for a very low Chinook helicopter flying over head, but this made us go and investigate Hillmorton Locks. They are very pretty and you can see why so many people make the effort to come here.

BW have done a good job here with good towpaths and now a new holding moorings for the locks.
This shot was taken when Derwent6 was coming down through the locks.
In the afternoon we just sat and watched the two F.A.Cup semi finals which were a bit of a non event, but in the evening we had a table booked at the CanalChef Cafe Bistro which other bloggers have recommended and we can now back them up. This was our first evening meal out by ourselves since Derwent6 went on the water and with us tucked up in the corner with a candle we had great fun. The thing is on the canal you don't rush for anything, and this includes your food. If you come to the Cafe Bistro then be perpared to wait...but its worth waiting...We had a great time and the place has got a great atmosphere with all sorts of memorabilia all over the walls from history of old canal families to guns. The owners are just lovely people and seem to only do it for the canal people. They have won the best canal side restaurant for the last two years, and you can see why. We were the last to leave and the doors were closed behind us as we staggered back, torch in hand, to Derwent6.


Anonymous said...

Good to see it was YOUR choice for a change to stay put ... rather than the weather icing you in!

Joy & Steve

Del and Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve
Yep, its great to have a choice! Moving on on Monday when the weekenders have all gone home lol