Thursday, March 19, 2009

They just can't get enough!

We got up this morning to a beautiful day and it was so warm. We were cleaning the boat all morning because we had visitors for their second time. Len and Terry just love the boat and met up with us at around 11.00am We just sat on the boat taking in the sunshine, then had lunch, and at about 2.00pm we then made our way down the six locks at Claydon. It was so relaxing and so easy with now a bigger crew. We were glad we didn,t have this crew of scarecrowsWe then went on to Cropedey which is a lovely little sleepy village. We couldn't believe how quiet it was we could have moored anywhere, but there was a little row of daffodils, so it was rude not to use this little garden for the night. In the evening we downed a few glasses of vino and had a little sing song. When we were very merry we went out for a meal at the Brasenose arms, and we've got to say we can recommend it. It was in the Good pub guide but had been taken over six months ago. We all had a fantastic night!!!


Adam said...

Six locks at Claydon? Are you sure you hadn't been drinking before you set off!!

Derwent Gnome said...

No puns, no jokes, no video clips, no songs just a note to wish you both a very happy anniversary


Del and Al said...

Hi Adam
No....but published the blog after a few ha ha

Del and Al said...

Thanks Derwent xxx