Friday, March 06, 2009

From Cold to Hot

Well we woke up to a very thick frost this morning which turned into a really lovely day.
We had breakfast with the sheep chasing the Canada geese and then pulled the pins not knowing where we would go next. We still can't believe this life we're living but live it we are....
We saw some very unattractive bridges and some very attractive ones where the kids from local schools had painted murals under them.

How about this little fella for a cosy snug fit, bet he doesn't have to find a winding hole to turn round.
We then made our way up to Hillmorton Locks.
Where we topped up with water after doing some more washing on the move and then moored up for the day. We then popped into the local restaurant to book a table for tomorrow night.....Romantic!


Anonymous said...

All sounds good to me have a nice meal and have a beer for me see you both soon bernie.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Bern
Looking forward to you coming up onto Derwent6...and Im sure we'll down a few beers together then...

Anonymous said...

dont forget the costume and rod Bern. It will be better once you have downed a few, and del dont forget to take a photo of the event,


Anonymous said...

steve you said you would be the gnome with the rod and i am sure dell will back me up,you are grey going white and would make a great gnome or was it the beer talkin. look forward to the photos it was a great night lads.look forward to the next one. bernie