Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to peace and quiet

We have been well over our stay here at Rugby, but with all the things going on we felt that this would be ok. But today it was time to move on.
We picked up some last minute things from Homebase and the like, and then pulled the pins at around 11.00am and filled with water. At the water point was another blogger, n.b Lazy Days who allowed us to grab their spot which was closer to the tap. While waiting, it started to drizzle, and we felt this is typical as we were on the move. When the tank was full, we calibrated the water gauge, just as Fernwood had told us, and then set off to the winding hole to turn round. On our way back we stopped at Clifton Cruisers and had a pump out and picked up a gas bottle, and with the sun making its appearance, we passed n.b Ten Bob Note again, but things were very quiet so we just sneaked by. We made our way up to Hillmorton.After passing through the locks we had a few onlookers as we moved on down the Barby straight, and moored up in the middle of nowhere.
We noticed the water gauge was only reading half full, so we had to recalibrate it again. As the sender unit relies on water pressure from the tank the readings may have been wrong due the the fact we tried to calibrate it when water was still running into the tank. We will recheck it over the next couple of days. We don't have a very good phone or Internet signal here, but after Rugby, it has got the peace and quiet of the countryside.

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