Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off their trolley

Got up early this morning as Derwent6 looked like a bomb had hit it, with sawdust everywhere.

It took us a good two hours but that was cleaning everything. The little vacuum cleaner we have is a god send, even the outside of the boat was covered in mud where people had been walking down the gunwale. We then lit the fire and while we were chilling out when the Cheese Boat ( came past on it's way to Hawkesbury. We had just got all our cheeses so now we will have to follow their progress so we get it right next time they pass. After that, Ernie came past on n.b.Ten Bob Note. (

He skillfully held the boat between two moored boats and we had a quick chat, hope to catch up with you later Ernie. We then left for Tesco's with our ruck sacks on our backs. They are building new houses here now at Brownsover but we were so disappointed with all the rubbish which has been left about on the footpath, but the good news is the footpath is now all lit at night. When you get down to the bottom we also saw loads of Tesco's shopping trolleys chucked in the small river further down and we wondered how many there must be in the canal. What is the mentality of these people.

We struggled back with all our shopping at around mid afternoon and had planned to move off today, but we need a pump out, gas bottle and to fill with water and were exhausted from carrying the heavy bags so....there's always tomorrow!

We had just got lunch on the table and there was a tap on the side..It was Derek and Shelia from n.b Clarence. Sorry we couldn't chat for longer guys as dinner was getting cold.....hope to meet up again and good luck with your boat.


Bill Rodgers said...

Your link to "The Cheese Boat" is bad, you need to take the spaces out and then it will work. Keep up the blogging, I enjoy your writing and look forward to it regularly.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Bill all sorted, glad you're enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

So you are super tramps now going to tesco on foot then, whatever happend to the delivery service or better still the tardis. Be in touch and see you both soon.


Anonymous said...

hi have a look at might be of interest to you b/w
see you soon bernie.l