Monday, March 23, 2009

New chimney and a bit poorer

Up early this morning and made a few phone calls to locate a chimney. Then set off to get the 10.10am bus into Banbury. We took the sea searcher and windlass with us and when we got off the bus we spent 40 minutes having another go to find it. We picked up loads of metal objects and thought we could feel it, but couldn't pick it up...So it was off to the Chandler's and forty five pounds lighter, we had our new chimney....Al also wanted some new jeans and managed to find some, at least we were having a better day then yesterday, but with an empty wallet..... We got the bus straight back so as not to spend anymore money, but we did go via the Spar shop and picked up a couple of pizza's. After lunch we fitted our new chimney and with a bit of cutting and filing around, Derwent6 looked complete again. Al gathered a few sticks and we lit the fire just as it was going to pour hard with rain. The wind had really got up and was blowing us around all over the place, and the hire boats were having a few problems but we just sat and listened to it reading beside the fire.

We should have moved today as they have changed the Cropedey mooring times to 24 hours. They used to be 48 hours, so someone must have complained about boats running their engines....Well ours will be run for a hour, because we're not moving today. We did watch one of the residents toss his Kit Kat wrapper into the canal when having a coffee in the garden, so we're sure he won't mind if we leave our rubbish on his doorstep, we didn't, but we felt like it... also there are no dog bins along this stretch and we have had to shovel two lots of dog poo into the hedgerow. One day we will follow them home and dump on their doorstep.

On a happy note though, we just want to wish Len a quick Happy 72nd Birthday today and glad you both enjoyed Derwent6..

In the evening we had to take some rubbish down to the BW bins so grabbed a bottle of wine to see if Graham & Jill were on board n.b. Matilda Rose. They were eating when we turned up but still insisted we came in...Well three and a half bottles later we were having a wail of a time singing songs with Graham on the guitar and Al and Jill on the recorder. Thanks for a good night guys.
We should be on the move tomorrow!


Jill and Graham said...

4 1/2 bottles, but whose counting. We've sore throats and heads. A great evening.

Mo said...

Hi you two
We also tried fishing for your chimney and on Monday too, no wonder the old lady said she'd seen loads of people dangling magnets in the water by the lift bridge.
We found the evidence that you'd been there - nails on the path and we added some more to it on the other side. Kept the old horseshoe, might be off one of those famous horsedrawn boat types of yesteryear.

Had an idea. When the bridge is raised there's a chamber underneath which could have 'collected' your chimney as it fell off. Did you look under there?
I'll have a peep on our way back in June.

All the best