Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend away!!!

Friday we were picked up and hired a car from Enterprise. We got a nice new Fiesta which we could recommend and we also got reminded of what the real world is like on the M25 (the carpark). Derwent6 moves faster.......We travelled down south and on the Friday night met up with some friends. Al went out with the girls, Karen B and Karen T and Del went out with the boys Bernie and Steve. Thanks guys we all had a great night.

Saturday we done a bit of shopping, as we had the car, there was a list of bits and pieces we needed for Derwent6. In the afternoon we meet up for coffee in Sevenoaks with Richard, Lisa, Alex's & Olivia, it was great to catch up and thanks for the coffee's. On Sunday we helped out with Al's mum's 80th Birthday and had a fantastic time, thanks for putting up with us again, and it was nice to see all the family.

It was a strange feeling driving back to Derwent6 as we had missed it so bad and were feeling like a couple of kids walking back to the boat along the towpath. When we entered it didn't feel cold or damp, you could just smell the oak as the sun beamed through the was good to be home! We unloaded the contents of the car and turned all the power back on, we fired up the heating system for a hour to make it feel cozy, while we returned the car. After we were dropped back off by Enterprise, we just chilled in the afternoon.


dundustin said...

wow what a great weekend you guys had. Boat looks well too .

Anonymous said...

After friday night where is the gnome going to sit with his fishing rod then. Looks kike plenty of space up front.


Halfie said...

Is the mystery solved, then? Looks like "Anonymous" isn't so anonymous any more!