Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We don't know, let's go to Aynho

Al decided to go back into Banbury to get us a few more provisions if we needed it out in the countryside, and she needed to get another birthday present. Del tinkered around with Derwent6 and did things like giving the blacking a scrub. We had lots of furry things sticking to us where we had been static for too long! When Al got back we set off. It was a nice time to cruise as it was so quiet, warm and tranquil as Derwent6 glided through the trees and lift bridges.
We got to King's Sutton lock and met our first boat which put the locks in our favour.
We were amazed at how the farm shop at Nell bridge Lock had developed, selling organic meat, but it was a bit late for us to stop.
We got to Aynho lock where there was a bit of a swell and Al couldn't get the gates open. Del had to jump off and help out with Derwent6 drifting back. With a bit of tight roping along the beams Del managed to just get back on Derwent6, lucky!
After that little ordeal we decided to moor up at Aynho.
It wasn't long before Al had a mexican meal cooking on the grill..lovely!! We sat out in the cratch eating our chicken fajitas as the sun set. It seemed strange with no football on the telly, still, now it's time for tennis................

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