Monday, June 04, 2012

Our own pageant

After a night of heavy rain we decided we would not be moving today, so with Tanya on board and the use of a car we made the most of getting some shopping. Tanya and Al drove to Dunchurch and picked up all the heavy goods like beer, wine and tinned stuff. It was good to see the statue in the village dressed up as the Queen.
The rain never seemed to hold off, in fact it just seemed to get worse so we sat by the telly and watched the Thames pageant of a thousand boats, a great spectacle we thought. We have had our own pageant here with boats too-ing and fro-ing all day covered in Union Jacks.
We then set off for Rugby where we went to the pictures and saw Men in Black 3, we thought it was very good and on par with the others.
From there we went over to Frankie and Benny's and had there Jubilee lunch for £5.95 with their free sundae on Sunday.
We then rushed back to see Al's Desperate Housewives for 10.00pm

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