Sunday, June 03, 2012

Raining again (It must be the Crick Boat Show)

It was a cloudy day with some light drizzle so we made up our minds to go to the Crick Boat show. We had some breakfast and ended up leaving at 10.00am. We had the use of Tanya's car so we were making the most of it. When we got to the show the drizzle kindly stopped for us and we picked up all the provisions we needed.
We managed to get our money back on the show price as everything we needed was at show prices, even Midland Chandlers had fifteen percent off everything. After putting our stuff in the car the show for us was all about meeting people. It was good to see Andy Russell our boat painter on his stand selling his fantastic new gunwales paint.
We then walked round to catch up with Fernwood our boat builder and the gang, and we got the chance to see their latest masterpiece and we were blown away as usual.
We also spoke to Dave and Alan at the Axiom propeller stand with our old prop on display, we are so pleased with ours.
So what was new? Well electronics have improved so much with the new Victron Quattro inverters and it was good to see our paratrooper folding mountain bikes at the show. We have had ours four years and are pleased with them.
But there was not much really, we were impressed with the food section at the show, giving out loads of free samples and we even brought a Chocolate Kebab!

In the evening we stayed for the entertainment but we've got to say it was pretty poor but the beer tent was good with all the different ales, and the company great! By this time it had started to pour down with rain and had turned quite cold.
We all said our goodbyes and left at 11.15pm and drove back to Derwent6 and quickly snuggled into bed.


nb AmyJo said...

Hi Both,
Good to see you both again and glad Del is making a good recovery.
warmest Regards
Steve and Chris

Del and Al said...

Lovely to see you too, enjoy the rest of the show :-)