Saturday, June 30, 2012

A bridge not too far

As the signals were so bad here at Lower Heyford we decided to move on. It was drizzling with rain and the wind had got up but you feel lost and it is a bit of a worry without a decent phone signal. We topped up with water before we left and bumped into bloggers Stein & Jacquie on n.b. Like ducks2water.
We didn't plan to move far, and as we went through the first lock of the day a boat came off a perfect mooring in front of us, and used our lock. It's a small bit of piling which will only fit one boat, so we are all on our own here, a nice spot for the weekend.
To add to the bonus the sunshine came out, but the wind had really got up, so we were pleased to be moored up. Can you believe it, but we watched the farmer for two hours trying to get his cows into another field, and they were having none of it!
We also went for a walk up to Northbrook bridge, which was an old packhorse bridge.
In the evening the cloud came in and it started to spit with rain as the sun set, we got a nice rainbow though.

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