Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day reunion

Honestly we have really enjoyed our time here at Banbury. We have telly for the football we have a good Internet signal and all the shops we want, a bit of a luxury really, when you have no car. There is also loads of entertainment going on, with things to do. But it's funny how you still get the urge to move on and have a change of scenery. We have also had the bonus of the train and bus station nearby so Al took the opportunity to go down to see her dad on fathers day while Del stayed on Derwent6 thinking about his Dad, who he lost last year. Alf had cooked Al and her Mum a lovely meal when she arrived of chicken pot pie with herby scones, (not bad for eighty five) and they had a super time together.

We can't move too far due to some of the locks being on red because of flooding, which is weird as we were in drought a month ago. Sorry we haven't blogged much but we have just been enjoying ourselves with football and eating well taking up most of our time!

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