Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goodbyes in the wind

We all woke up a bit bleary eyed this morning after what appeared and was a short night. Maxine and Graham had already sorted out the washing up and got the kettle on when we got to them. It was then breakfast and putting the world to rights before they decided to leave. "Oh just one more cup of tea then, before we go" we all didn't want to part. We had a great time and a good laugh, just as we always do. They left at 11.00am in the end.
The wind had really picked up and even blew the side doors shut at one point,. We had the heating on in the morning for hot water and ended up lighting the fire in the afternoon just to feel cosy from the wind and damp conditions. Lighting the fire in June, what!! Good job we had that extra wood on board. The fire just keeps the damp off Derwent6, it can feel warm outside, but cooler inside, which can be a good thing when it's really hot outside.
We then had a horrendous shower late in the afternoon hopefully topping those reservoirs up. It was football again in the evening to watch the German's stuff Greece, followed by a bit of David Bowie before we went to bed.

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Anonymous said...

you have just gone up a notch if you"d said a lot of david perhaps 6 notches