Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beautiful cruise to Lower Heyford

We left Aynho early in the morning and sat on the water point at the whalf where we filled with water and waited for them to turn up and fill us with diesel,
We also decided to pumpout as we might sit in the middle of nowhere if some of the boards are on red. So we left with tanks all empty and full and we set about the four locks in front of us. One of those locks was Somerton deep lock which is a drop of 12 feet.
It was then on to Upper Heyford and through some just stunning countryside.
We then turned up at Lower Heyford and were lucky enough to get a mooring.
We were also lucky enough to get a gap in the trees where we could get a tv signal. Del was happy as the semi finals of the football were on tonight.

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