Monday, June 11, 2012

Go for it

Thursday there was rain on the horizon but we decided to go for it.. We set off at 10.30am and made our way up to Napton.
It was surprisingly quiet but the weather had put a lot of people off. Things were going very well until we followed another boat who managed to get his bikes jammed under one of the bridges.
The wind had got up and was making it a bit difficult for some. We managed to get a mooring just before Napton Locks and just as we did it poured down.. We had already decided to go up to the Folly Pie pub so we got ready and marched in the rain.
To our surprise it was very busy and we should have booked a table but they managed to find one for us.
As you can see Steve has been so relaxed that he can't keep his eyes open. We had a lovely meal while the rain came down outside. It finished the day off nicely.

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