Tuesday, June 05, 2012

At the Beacon

We were up early as we had put the heating on so we could all have showers this morning. It was a nice morning for a change and we had our breakfast out in the cratch. It was here we decided we would move today. Tanya and Al went down to the shops to pick up a paper while Del got Derwent6 ready to go. We were the last boat to leave Braunston as we headed towards Napton and it seemed really busy on the canal but there seemed to be plenty of moorings along the way...Strange!

We soon got out into the countryside and we turned at the earliest point.
On the way we had spotted one of the beacons due to be lit tonight as they were bringing it out on a tractor, so it seemed a good place to stop and soak up the atmosphere of the Diamond Jubilee.
We chilled with the papers we had brought earlier and got out the drinks, the sun had been out all day.
We settled down in front of the telly and first watched a DVD that Tanya had brought up for us, and then watched the Queen's Jubilee Concert which went on till 10.30pm and was fantastic!
We then looked out of the cratch and watched them light the beacon on Bush hill here at Flecknoe. It was followed by red white and blue fireworks and a full moon, and with a drink in our hands it was a night we will all remember for a long time.

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