Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebratery Reunion

We woke up to another lovely day and thought it might be good to have a walk. We made the decision to walk back to Banbury and see how Chas and Ann on n.b Moore2life were getting on with their diesel bug problem. From where we are it was a nice pleasant twenty minute walk and we had some rubbish to get rid of as well.
We ended up picking up another bag of rubbish on the way there, but good dead done!!

As we got to Chas and Ann they were having their new injectors fitted with legs and fingers crossed that it hadn't damaged the injection pump. It was good to meet up and talk things over.
Del was still worried about the fuel cleaning process and thought the pump would be damaged if the old injectors couldn't be cleaned and reworked. While this chat was going on the engine burst into life and sounded nice and quiet. There was also no smoke at all coming from the exhaust, and with a sigh of relief and a hug we rejoiced in Moore2life having its heart back. This fuel cleaning seemed a fantastic piece of kit and maybe worth doing every four years or so, if you can't drain the tank.
We were then joined by George and Carol on n.b Rock and Roll and also Jeff and Mags on n.b Seyella and all we needed was a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
George and Carol then kindly asked us all round for a drink, so as we had a letter to post we walked round to M & S and picked up a few cakes to take round. It was like a little party on a summers day and good to meet up with everyone.

We then walked back to Derwent6 in the sunshine and relaxed after our bit of exercise. At 5.00pm we lit the BBQ for the first time this year and ate out in the cratch. It was nice to have the summer BBQ smells in the air.
We made the most of the shortest night and stayed out in the cratch till dark, when it just started to spit with rain. As Zebedee said "Time for bed" then, Bong!!!!

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