Thursday, June 14, 2012

Al away Del pumps all day

Al was meeting a friend for lunch in Reading so she picked up the 10.00am train from Banbury which is a fast 40 minute journey. Del stayed with Derwent6 and cleaned up the engine room which was feeling a bit cluttered. He also had a go at fixing the manual pumpout as it was tripping the last time we went to use it. This has been the best idea but also the most unreliable piece of kit on Derwent6! It's not really in the right place and when not used for a while it has a water trap. When it dries it seems to seize the pump up or clog the valves on the pump, so when we get bored we will have to redesign more later.
Del was going to service the engine, but got too involved in the pump so maybe tomorrow. Al got back to Derwent6 at 3.00pm so we walked up to Mc Donalds for something to eat and we chatted about the days events till the football started.......

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Anonymous said...

So were you loving it. I think that I must be owed publishing money for the pics, especially as they are probably the last ones to be ever taken on the camera