Friday, June 22, 2012

Beers and nibbles to the Max (and Graham)

What a contrast from yesterday.. We had heavy rain overnight and heavy showers when we surfaced, but we did some small cleaning jobs and pottered around. We then got a call from the other side of the canal, it was Maxine and Graham who had come up from Kent to see us. They had trekked through the long wet grass to meet us and it was so lovely to see them.
After a cup of tea we were soon on the beer followed by a lunch of nibbles. The showers continued all afternoon and Del and Graham felt they had to move the car as it was in a muddy position, while the girls had a good chat. The rain eased off a bit and we all made the decision to walk back into town and find a nice pub.
We ended up watching the football with a few more beers and nibbles. We then walked around town before going to another pub where we had just missed some music. Typical!!!

It was then a twenty minute walk back to Derwent6 in the dark and as this was the longest day it was quiet late. We played dodge the puddles on the way, all half cut....
Did it stop there, no of course not. More beers and wine with Del playing the longest singles over six minutes, on the longest day. Al made some toast with more nibbles, and when we were nibbled out we went to bed at about 2.00am.

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