Monday, June 11, 2012

Hardy Boaters

We had a plan and we were going to stick to it... It was blowing a gale with heavy showers, but we decided to go up through the Napton flight in the hope it would be a bit quieter. We had to dodge broken branches, and no one else dare travel in this, but we did!!
We were right and there were no queues at the locks and better still they were in our favour. It was turn around day for hire boats and they were keeping all the locks in our favour right up to Marston Doles.
We had a lot of trouble trying to turn in the wind out of the last lock and Steve managed to do his back in pulling on the centre rope, but we did it. It was then down to a three hour cruise at the top twisting and turning in the wind, but we only passed one boat on the way as the locks were still being closed at 2.00pm.
We arrived at Fenny Compton at 3.00pm and found a spot where we could get a signal on the telly for the football on in the afternoon and evening.
After Al had cooked some dinner with the football, we then walked along to the Whalf Inn pub and watched a band that they had on in the evening.
We walked back to Derwent6 at 12.40am, a late night after a long hard day....

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