Friday, June 15, 2012

Checking the Fuel

The weather was going to get worse so we decided to get a pumpout at Sovereign Narrowboats. The wind was just starting to pick up so we reversed back from where we were to get on the pontoon at the yard.The plan was to move off out of Banbury, but the wind had got a lot worse so we ended up going back where we were.
After our chat yesterday with Chas and Ann on n.b. Moore2life, Del decided to check the diesel for water, as the engine now had fresh oil in it. He does this twice a month and we have had no problems so far (touch wood). On Derwent6 we are lucky enough to have a fuel tank drainer fitted so we can take a sample of diesel out and leave it standing overnight to check it.
There is also a water trap filter which needs draining every so often. You need to loosen the bolt at the top of the filter and then drain off any water excess from the bottom till neat diesel is visible.
The main fuel filter we change once a year. Well it has done the trick so far, but I'm sure one day we will be filled with neat water. When the tank is half full condensation builds up on the tank walls and drops into the diesel, so it is something that must be checked regularly.
While Del was doing all this Al was making the most of the shops, window shopping of course.....
It was football again in the afternoon and evening.


Paul and El said...

HI Guys
The water trap filter (Separ wasp) also has a cleanable element inside it, which you may or may not know.
Good result tonight with the football :-)

Del and Al said...

Thanks Paul
Yes that comes to bits once a year as well... Come on England!!