Saturday, June 02, 2012

Back to the hub of the system

With Del recovering we have left the blog for a bit but we have been moving. On Thursday 31st May we set off for Braunston; there was a slight drizzle but we needed water and had a meeting over the weekend. It brightened up as we got into the village.
We first got water and then turned and moored up in front of George and Carol on n.b. Rock and Roll.
We had a long chat and said we would meet up at some point.
We then went for a walk up to the shops and the chandlers.
In the evening it was a bit of telly with some music later.

On Friday 1st June we were up early as Al had a funeral to go to. She was meeting her dad and her sister on the train at Rugby as the funeral was in Nuneaton. She hoped on the bus at Braunston which takes you directly to the station.
Del stayed with Derwent6 and put up the bunting on the roof and did the brasses.
Yep Del is feeling a lot better and recovering nicely, and is still taking it easy. It was good to see BW still taking boats out of the water here who haven't paid their licence.
Al got back to the boat at 7.00pm and we then walked over to the Boathouse pub for Steak and Chips. At 10.00pm we were met by Tanya our God daughter who is staying with us for a few days.

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