Wednesday, May 06, 2009

You can smell the hops !!!!!

Woke up to the central heating trying to work this morning but failed again...

The light rain was putting spots on the window, but the forecast was that it would brighten up at around 11.00am.

We left a message with Fernwood and then set about investigating the problem. After finding the bleed screws we managed to get rid of all the air in the system and hey presto the central heating burst into life, working better than before and less noisy.

We set off around 10.00am and the wind was still tricky. We approached Burton upon Trent and the first thing you noticed was the smell of hops in the air. As we slowly got to the town you could see the breweries of Coors, Bass, and Marston. We also noticed how clean the town was with no graffiti on walls and all the gardens we passed, people had looked after their patch by the canal, it was lovely to see. Marston had a museum which we will have to do one day when we pass here again.

We carried on up to Wellington village where we did our manual pumpout and topped up with water. The plan was to stop here as they had three pubs to choose from and we wanted to see the football in the evening on Sky Sports. When we phoned none of them were showing it, so we asked a local where we should go. "up to Findern, great pub and has all the football" he said.
So off we went, over a few aqueducts and on to Findern village. When we moored we noticed a great Indian restaurant with a bar, beach volleyball, sunbeds and a five a side football pitch. But we stuck to our recommendation and took the 10 minute walk into Findern. When we got to The Wheel Inn pub we knew we had made the right choice. It was a real pub with modern decor and it had a bloody great big 52" plasma on the wall for the football. When we checked out the specials board they had two 8oz Sirloins for £13.95 and a bottle of wine for free, thrown in. Was our luck in or what!
We then watched the football and the pub got busy. What a great game it was, with Chelsea getting kicked out the Champions league by ten men.

We staggered back down the thankfully lit footpath to Derwent6, and crashed out.

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Anonymous said...

It's so nice to read and see the pictures of the network that we havn't been on before.Glad you have sorted out the central heating and all is going well.Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love Mum & Keith xxx