Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's just one of those days

A funny day today!!
After waking up this morning at 5.30am we noticed a heron beside n.b Thema. It was looking in the shallow water for a meal, and it finally got one and left it flapping on the towpath to get another catch. It was not long before he had two fish flapping on the towpath and they weren't small either. It was then scared off by a guy walking his dogs and two crows seized the opportunity to get the smaller one of the fish, but dropped it on take off. The guy with the dogs saw one of the flapping fish and did the right thing by putting it back in the canal. When he had gone the crows returned to pick up the fish they dropped but the fish had made it's way back into the canal. They flew off, and then returned the Heron to find both his catches missing. We managed to get some photos, but they were through two panes of glass so came out a bit blurred.
We decided to leave Crick and head for Norton Junction, but plans changed. We left with n.b Thema and got round the corner to find they were taking down the temporary bridge and the canal would not be open till 2.00pm. Oh well best have some lunch then... When they opened it we passed a couple of fellow bloggers n.b Sanity and n.b CaxtonWe then decided to get water at the water point with Al making more friends, and that just seemed to take ages, so when we finally got moving we went through Crick tunnel and came out the other side to a massive downpour, so we quickly moored up. We didn't feel like moving anymore, so just as the sun came back out we chilled for the rest of the day listening to music. Quite relaxing after that hectic weekend.

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