Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Down the end of the Leicester line

Woke up with rain pelting against the window, but Pat & Keith on n.b Thema wanted to get to Stoke Bruerne for Thursday, so we made the decision to go down Watford flight with them. As we set off the rain was so light you hardly noticed it and we got to the top lock to find we had about a hour wait. By the time we went down, there were another five boats with us. Yesterday, the lock keeper said their were over fifty boats that went down in blocks of eight, due to the Crick show. It was a bit tricky in the wind between pounds but we both got through ok.
We then made our way to Norton Junction, which seemed so different without the snow we had five months ago, we then both moored for lunch.

N.b. Thema then descended down the Buckby flight, so we did a bit of locking for them and set them up on the way, as we wanted oil and a filter for Derwent6. On the way we saw a Chandlery boat, and as we like to use them, we thought we would get our oil on the way back. We soon got to the bottom lock and said our goodbyes to all. On walking back the Chandlery boat was closed so we never did get the oil and filter, so we will have to try in the morning.

Football tonight, so have got a good signal here with 3G as well, so may chill out for a few days...Well maybe!


Lisa said...

Very glad to see you holding on carefully to the lock gates Al, I keep thinking about you falling in, and that horrid Tia Maria. Take care, Lisa Carr your viewees from Crick)

Peruvian Skies said...

Hi Del & Al good to catch up, hope you had a good Crick. We now have a new bank of batteries so hopefully all systems go. Thanks for your input on the above, happy cruising.

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa....Yep I've definately learnt my lesson lol !!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Dick & Netty
That's good news....Hope everything works well for you now. Enjoy your travels!