Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heading up the Arm

The forecast was rain all day but with the sun out we made our way up the Market Harborough Arm... The wind was very strong but we got to the basin at about midday. We had a bit of trouble turning and got pushed into the side trying to moor. We ended up mooring on the visitors moorings. We then went into town and as we were walking past some parked cars Al spotted someones wallet under a car. It was full of credit cards, a driving licence and some money, so it was a walk back to the Police station to hand it in, but guess was closed!!!

We then looked for a policeman to hand it to and you can never find one when you need one. So we ended up going to Smith's and getting a jiffy bag and popping it in the post using the address on the driving licence. A good deed for the day!

We then had something to eat and walked back to Derwent6. We made our way back to Foxton in the now strong winds and heavy showers and got back to our mooring spot we had this morning. We had tea on board with the rubbish Eurovision.


Debbie said...

Hi, just read your post, that was really nice of you to send the wallet through the post. Its a sad fact that there are people out there that wouldn't have been so kind. Which is a shame, because they will never experience that nice warm feeling when you have done something thoughtfull for somebody. Debbie Nb Tickety Boo.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Debbie....I just know how I'd feel if I lost my purse, and he should get a nice surprise this morning when hopefully his wallet lands on his doormat!