Monday, May 04, 2009

Fradley for a pint or two

We looked at the weather forecast and it said it would rain at about 11.00am, so we planned to set off early. As we were getting ready we could see it already starting to rain, so it was wet weather gear on and off we went.
We had some trouble getting off our mooring as the wind kept blowing us back in but we got off in the end. It was lovely through the little village of Whittington, looking at everyones pretty gardens on the way.
We then got to the point where the Birmingham and Frazley meets the Coventry and then on to Frazley it's self. The rain had held off all the way so we never needed the Nubrella.

We went past this poor person's boat wondering what had happened, BW were aware.....

We spotted a mooring just before the swingbridge as you approuch Frazley junction and it was a good job we did. It was packed with people out for the bank holiday Monday enjoying the locks and boats. Fradley has a couple of Cafe's and a good pub in which you can get some food and refreshments, so we went into The Swan Pub known locally as The Mucky Duck and grabbed a small bite to eat and a beer.
After that we walked down to see if we could see some friends, Chris and Stelle on n.b. belle and Jan and Graham on n.b. Huff & Puff, but no-one was in....we must have smelt bad or something... We will catch up next time we're through (and there will be a next time)
We then walked back to Derwent6 and crashed out for a couple of hours, watched a DVD and then it was back down the pub for session number two. Piston broke, we got back to the boat about 10.30pm.

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Sounds like you need some more tumble dryer sheets or even double up.