Saturday, May 02, 2009

Meal deals

We had Julia down from Fernwood to take away our sofa cushions as they were sagging a lot and needed some more infill. Hopefully they will be bringing them back on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so more about that later......

We left this morning at about 11.00am and made our way up to Atherstone. The canal was very pretty winding it's way along the hillside until it came to the top lock... we moored up and then walked along to the locks to suss them out and meet Alan, a really friendly lock keeper. He had been awarded a MBE for his services and you could see why. The locks were in tip top condition and he had added his little bits and pieces to them to make them interesting.
We first went into the town of Atherstone and we really liked it. It has a 18th century feel about it, with some good shops. It was a shame that some of these shops were closing down or gone already, but on looking we found a real gold mine of a cafe.
They did a full English breakfast for £4.25 and I mean a full English. Blimey! we could hardly eat it all, but a least we were full for the day (or so we thought)

We made our way back to Derwent6 and set off down through the locks, they were all set against us and were really slow filling and a bit difficult in places, but we had plenty of time...where were all the other boats? This is a bank holiday weekend isn't it, why is it so quiet.... The locks take you back into the countryside and the smell of the bright yellow rape fields remind us of why we're both doing this. We decided to moor in the middle of nowhere, as we just felt we had done enough for the day.
We sat out in the cratch and thought we would try out the four pubs in Polesworth as we fancied a bit of live entertainment and the Nicholson guide said two of them should have it on Saturday nights. It was about a mile walk from where we were moored, so out come the walking boots again and off we trudged.
Well the first one had Karaoke, the second, third and forth had none, but we did have a beer in all of them....while we were in the second one it was attached to a Balti restaurant and having a beer outside, the smell from this restaurant was just to much to ask. Well the plan was to take a curry away with us (as they did take away as well), but when we looked inside we thought we would give it a go in the restaurant. Good Choice!!! the food was fantastic and it was dirt cheap.Today we had two meals, and both came to under £40.00, we were so stuffed that we were glad of the walk back to Derwent6. We just got back before dark and we just needed our bed....


Halfie said...

I'm not envious at all ... it's just that I'm as green as your roof! My two favourite meals are full English breakfast and curry. Nice one!

Bottle said...


Carry on like that and you will need to order a widebeam. ;-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Halfie
I know, we couldn't resist!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Bottle
Actually a widebeam would have been the perfect solution as we wouldn't have been able to get through the Atherstone flight in the first place lol !!!!