Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"And our first time through Leicester"

Well we didn't get any sleep last night with the fenders creaking and groaning in the wind. So we set off at 8.15am and were lucky enough to get out of our spot when the wind dropped. As we approached Leicester the litter in the canal just got worse and we were picking our spots to pass through. It was a shame because the river itself was very pretty and had a lot of character.
We then passed the National Space Centre and Leicester City Football ground which looked very impressive and was another nice section.
It was depressing because it seemed a safe City with lots of people walking around but it was just so destructive with the litter and graffiti everywhere. Every sign, chair, bin and bridge had writing on it. Leicester council needs to talk to Burton upon Trent council.
Anyway while we were going along we made up this little song after seeing 12 footballs in the canal, one of which we pulled out of a lock and threw to a guy having his lunch on a bench. He was very grateful and said he would give it to his son
Now sing it...
It's our first time through Leicester and Derwent6 is here
with a floating barrel of beer.
12 footballs bobbing
11 bits of wood
10 shopping trolleys
9 plastic bottles
8 beer tins
7 rolls of white tape
6 burger cartons
5 dustbin liners

4 net curtains
3 kids toys
2 large coats
and a floating keg of beer

We managed to do 13 miles and 16 locks with Derwent6 today, so we treated ourselves with a beer and curry in The Navigation for a fiver...


Keith and Jo said...

Are you sure it was the fenders creaking and groaning last night ha ha ha. It is such a shame that this rubbish is left to float around in the canal. It has been the same down in London. It is not very inviting to visitors and the same goes for all the writing sprayed over everything. I am reading all of this with interest, as we will be doing the winter coal run in October down to Mount Sorrell. I want to know what I am letting myself in for LOL. Jo X

Mo said...

What - no floating coconuts?!

Halfie said...

Were they still doing the muffin and mountain (of cream) for 50p?