Sunday, May 03, 2009

We're really up the Junction

We moved on this morning after having overnight rain. The wind was blowing a gale but we could see it brightening up in the distance. We had to clear the prop again of someones shorts, before moving off though and yes, we are definitely picking up more things with this new prop.
We carried on through Polesworth, Alvecote and then onto Tamworth. The canal carried on along the hillside and went through some really pretty wooded areas and the towpaths were in tip top condition. We also passed Pooly Hall and it's beautiful grounds.

We carried on into Tamworth which just goes around the outskirts of the town. It passes loads of people's back garden and if you're a nosey git like both of us you can look at everyone's going's on. We then reached Gascote locks which were already full and made it easy to get through. We then crossed the River Tame aqueduct with great views of the river which we followed for the next four miles.

We then got to Frazley Junction which appeared to be very busy and we would have spent more time here, but we had no places to moor. The BW information centre was well done and seemed worth a look.

We then went back out into the countryside and saw our first baby geese on the grass banks. This then took us onto Hopwas, this was a area with pubs on both sides of the canal and was very busy. There were loads of people out walking today as this must be a popular spot with some lovely woods and lots of wildlife.

We then had that feeling that we needed to moor up, so found a nice spot with a great TV signal and the best 3G+ signal we have had so far on the system. The wind was still blowing hard and the sun was trying to come out, but it still felt quite cold. We decided to have dinner early today and chilled watching the boats go by. It still hasn't been that busy even though it's a bank holiday.

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