Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Big Clean

First thing this morning we both cleaned the boat from top to bottom, so Derwent6 looked good for the show. It took us about 3 hours before we had time to chill a bit. As you can see we have already made some friends here.After a full polish, guess what! yes it rained, so we might have to do it all again tomorrow. It has been very quiet here with not many boats moving around...strange! but we did have a horse walking the towpath. So not much to report today and it's been restful. We are off now for something to eat at The Red Lion pub in the village, we have eaten there before and the food is very good.


Keith and Jo said...

I hope you enjoy the Crick Show and the weather is kind to you. Unfortunately crick is one show that we will not be going to. We enquired about taking Hadar there and they wanted £92 plus £32 for entrance fee for Hadar and us to moor on the towpath. So unless they bring their prices down we will not be going there anytime soon. I look forward to a full report on the goings on over the weekend.... Jo

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Thanks, we've had a great weekend. Totally agree with you, the oficial mooring prices are much too high. There was no way we were going to pay that, so arrived early in the week, and moored on the freebies! A bit further to walk, but kinder on the pocket lol