Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heading for the show

We left with Pat & Keith on n.b Thema this morning hoping to get a spot at The Crick Show. We took a steady speed through the trees with the winds gusting at 50mph, which proved to be a bit difficult at times. We got to Yelvertoft for water and who should turn up then but Dick and Netty off n.b Peruvian Skies ( http://nbperuvianskies.blogspot.com/ ) another Fernwood boat, they had just had their Tesco's delivery and it was good to see them enjoying themselves and hopefully we'll meet them again at the show. We topped up the water right to the brim, and then had to get off the water point as everyone had the same idea as us. When we got to Crick the water was really shallow from everyone using Foxton and Watford locks to get here. We then had to keep sticking the bow into the bank until we got in the best we could. We are sticking out and leaning over, but at least we're in. Everyone here is having the same problem. Then we checked if there were any moorings round the corner and there were bollards with a notice saying " ECOLOGICALLY SENSITIVE AREA" , this is apparently because of voles in the area even though we have seen them where we are moored now, so we are the in the best spot we can get.

The good news is the bridge is back this year and lets hope the weather isn't. The marquees are already up.

We then walked up the shop in the village and picked up our post from the post office. Al had some more birthday cards....

In the evening we had Pat and Keith on board for a return complementary meal, and we then listened to music and drunk wine all night.


nb Oakfield said...

Hello you two, well done for finding a mooring spot. We hope that we will see you at Crick, don't know which day it will be yet though. At the moment we are extremely exhausted with moving out of our house.
We will be glad to get a bit of a break I think!

Stuart said...

Enjoy yourselves at the show hope to get up ther for a couple of days myself.