Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunny Crick

Wow !!!!!! we're at Crick with bright sunshine and not a cloud in sight...... We got off quite early for the show and was amazed at how busy it was when we got there. After seeing the guys at Fernwood we set off going through the list of things we wanted like chains, spare rope and spare fenders.
It was nice bumping into people who read the blog and lovely getting together with other bloggers. In fact this seemed to take up most of our day, but spending more time with people is the whole reason for us doing this......It was great this year for us to just walk around not having to worry about the next design feature or whether we had made the right decision. We also had a base to go back to and a very comfy bed with Derwent6 waiting on the cut. It was also nice to show the serious people looking to buy a Fernwood boat around Derwent6. At one point we had five on the stern.

In the evening we went and listened to the band and downed a few too many ales!!!!


Louise & Cliff said...

Hope you had a couple for me can't wait now only a few weeks we will be up there with you was considering coming up to Crick on monday but have to see how the weather is.
Hope you enjoying the weekend see you soon
All our Love Lou, Cliff and Kids

Amanda said...

Hi Del and Al

Hope you enjoyed your second day at Crick. We are thrilled to see ourselves on your blog!

We very much enjoyed our private tour of Derwent6 and you have given us a lot to think about. You have a beautiful boat and are obviously very proud of it and thoroughly enjoying your new life on the cut. We are envious and can't wait until we too can live the dream.

Enjoy our thank you present which we left in the safe keep of your mother!

Kind regards
Amanda and David Lewis

Del and Al said...

Thanks Lou & Cliff, it was a great weekend and really looking forward to seeing you all in July...not long now!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Amanda & David
It was lovely to meet you, and anytime you want to visit, you are most welcome.
Thank you soooooooo much for the wine, we certainly didn't expect it, but it was most appreciated.
Hope you've got some food for thought, and keep that dream alive!!
Keep in touch....

PS Can you thank Lisa & David for us as well