Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A great show for everyone

It was getting hard work now but it was up and off to the show as we had some early appointments to see a couple of boats we didn't have the time to see yesterday. It was a good job we did as we went on the William Piper boat with its 120 year old timbers, (http://williampiper.110mb.com/index.html )and that had the Wow factor for us and also won best boat in the show....Well done guys! We then got our last bits and pieces and went back to Derwent6 as we also had appointments with Fernwood customers wanting to see our boat. It turned out that Fernwood got two definite bookings and still had people who wanted to visit the factory, Their target for the show..Fantastic! Axion propellers also did well with 19 props sold by 2.00pm in the afternoon...Good luck to them too..

But best of all was the ice cream man who was creaming in about £1ooo profit a day!!!!!!!!!

Next year they need to bring the food prices down as that was the only disappointment. It was a fantastic show and we all enjoyed it.

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