Thursday, May 14, 2009

A day at the Model Village

We got up this morning with the forecast of rain but rain. so we set off through the six locks we had planned for the day. We had extra crew with us so the locks were a bit easier and for the first time Del had to help with the locks.
We moored up between bridge 79 and 78 and got a great mooring. We had some nice Cornish pasties before taking a lovely footpath to a Garden centre about a mile away. It took us across meadows full of buttercups and past a old 18th century church and at the end it reached some lovely tea rooms. We had a coffee before having a good look round. At the Garden Centre they had loads of Arts and Craft shops, a field with a big maze in it and a Model village. We spent about a hour walking round and it was all free. You only had to give a donation.
On our way back we picked up a ice cream before taking the easy walk back through the sheep fields and back to Derwent6.
We then chilled in the early evening with some music until we had dinner on board and were too drunk to do anything else.

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Derwent Gnome said...

Well nice to see that Terry and Len are with you again. Please say a big thankyou to Terry for giving me a life. I see the old hound dog is enjoying himself, but he had better watch out that he does not mess up his blue suede shoes. As for me I suppose its return to sender again and I bet I will get all shook up. Mind you if Del dont watch out he will be in the jail house.


Derwent Gnome