Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flyscreens and Show Preview

Fernwood turned up today and had our flyscreens under their arms...great news! They looked at some other things like changing plug sockets, fitted a warning buzzer and adjusted a few doors. The flyscreens look great and the good thing is you can't see in, but you can see out. They also let a lot of air into Derwent6 for those hot summer nights (if we're lucky).
We then went for a walk to post a letter and on the way back we had a look round the show for a bit of a preview. There was a lot going on with stands being put up everywhere but it did seem a bit empty with a few spaces about, but it is only Thursday. (Please note the blue sky in the background...lets hope it stays like it)The pontoons were lined with new boats and everyone was doing the cleaning process to get them ready for the big day. We then got a ice cream and wandered back to Derwent6.

In the evening it was back on n.b Thema for nice liver and bacon cooked on the stove....


Captain Ahab said...

If I can be cheeky - what material have you used in the body of the flyscreens?

Del and Al said...

Hi Captain Ahab
The body of the flyscreens were made up for us by Cabincare, who have done a brillient job

Hope this helps