Sunday, January 31, 2010

A walk to Sunday Lunch

After a very cold night, and due to the fact we watched Andy Murray's attempt at the Grand Slam, we were up early. After that we needed a walk and some fresh air, So we decided to walk to Gumley and go the The Bell pub for their Sunday lunch... It is about half a mile away from Foxton and only took us thirty five minutes. We walked the road way there as we didn't want too much mud on our boots. We had just a fabulous lunch which is all homemade, and you can tell the difference. We then needed to walk it off, so we walked back across the fields which brought us back to the locks. We had this Robin which we made friends with, as he seemed to follow us all the way back to Derwent6. When we got back we were knackered, so watched a film in the afternoon and telly in the evening.

We are still iced in here with the ice at about two inches thick, so no movement around here. With the temperatures in the minus three's and four''s tonight we won't be moving tomorrow.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Half a mile in 35 minutes is less than one mile per hour, were you walking backwards.:-)

Anonymous said...

That's how long it would have taken me - it's not backwards just contemplative :-)

Sue, Indigo Dream

Ann said...

Your puffed up Robin photo is lovely, more please!
Part of the joy of being retired is to be able to 'wom' about, or go round 'bow-wow land' as my old Dad would call it.
nb Oakfield

abfab said...

Heavenly,makes us envious..Trude and John

Del and Al said...

Hi all, yep, it was a bit of a stroll lol.

Ann, the Robin was really cute and just kept following us along back to the boat (probably after his crumbs of food). Haven't heard that expression 'bow wow land' for a long time, but it's a lovely description!

Hi Trudy & John, don't worry, not too long now!