Thursday, January 14, 2010

We want to move now!

With such a mizzy day in prospect we stayed in.......Del updating drivers all day and Al reading her book.... The ice is still covering the canal but we've got to say it is thinning. The poor old batteries are now starting to struggle in this cold weather and we seem to be running the engine longer and longer to keep them up to full capacity. We are getting a bit fed up with it all now and just want to move on. We are at half a tank of diesel and half a tank of water, and the poo tank is just over half full. But we're still on a high and have loads of things to look forward too. Watch this space!


Nickname unavailable said...

Hi chaps, hopefully you are starting to thaw out, we to are fed up with the snow. Closed the restaurant virtually all last week, thankfully we are just starting to get back to normal this week. On a positive note the skiing in Avoriaz was great and I have now become a converted boarder - boo- hiss. However 6 pound a pint is still a bit steep but good fun had by all. What irony, more snow fell in kent than the French alps. IF you need to borrow my skis just shout! We are hoping to get up and see you soon, can you let us know when would be the best time.

lots of love

Graham and Maxine

p.s If you get bored just remember the old saying the internet is for p***,p***,p***, double click and grab *** ****

keep smiling you lucky devils

Wozie said...

Hello you two,
Thanks for the info on your batteries. Ours are taking even more of a battering as we have no gas.
It would be lovely to meet up with you sometime next week. At the moment we are waiting to hear which day our bulk delivery of coal will arrive. We will all be very busy that day trucking it along the canal from the bridge to our boats.
Keep warm, speak to you soon.

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Hi Both. Like you we are now looking forward to moving. Thank you for your comments on Hadar's page. Nice to know people are peeking in occasionally. Mind you there has been nothing else to do ha ha ha. Hope to see you both soon. Stay safe xx

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abfab said...

Still snow on the hills in Derbyshire, but Mercia Marine defrosted now. Went for our weekly fix in their coffee shop until ours has been built!!