Saturday, January 09, 2010

Free the taps and party

It feels like it's warming up today but the bad news is it could mean more snow. We were up quite early after a late night last night, and joined the kerfuffle at the water tap as boats were now starting to get a bit desperate for water and were trying to get the frozen tap freed off. After about ten minutes we managed to free it off and with all our hoses linked together we got water to the most urgent ones. The boat in front of us is a family with two little kiddies and they were one of the desperate ones. The problem we had then was the water inlets on the boats were frozen, including Derwent6, and we were running backwards and forwards with hot kettles to free them off. We all got water in the end so we should all be ok for another week or so. It is fantastic how the boating community all club together and help each other out and we are proud to be part of it..Al set off to post a couple of letters and Del took the sack barrow to pick up some more coal, but when he got there he couldn't see the coal lady and came back empty handed. Al did post the letters though, and we should be alright on the coal front for at least another four days. We took these photos while we were out.....

We just chilled in the afternoon, strumming, reading and watching some telly, but in the evening we had a Fifthieth Birthday party to go to. Andy and Hilary, who we were out with last night, knew a guy who lives on a boat near them and he invited them to his party which was in a pub not too far away. Hilary asked if we could come along and Dan whose party it was said "the more the merrier" Well when we got to the pub it was packed and there was a big Hog roast going on and a band setting up...It turned out to be a lock in, and we never left the pub till gone 1.00am in the morning, we had another great night. We slipped and slid our way back to Derwent6 at about 1.30 am and it was a good job we made the bed before we left. Mind you Del was stoking up the fire for the night and managed to also put on the fire the special glove you use so you don't burn your hands......Well we did have a fair bit to drink!!!


abfab said...

Hi there, wondered if you could e-mail us. We are waiting for our boat build and have a few queeries and wondered if you would mind helping us please???
Trudy and John

Del and Al said...

Hi both, would love to help, but can't find your email address!!!

abfab said...

Hi there
What a drip I am!!! Its
Thanks for getting back to us
Truady and John