Sunday, January 24, 2010

Repairing the manual pumpout

Well how are we doing..... Our fuel is at a quarter of a tank, our water is at just under half a tank and our waste is at 3/4 of a tank....So a manual pump out was in order. As you might recall, it had packed up, and as it's not the best of jobs, we have been putting it off. We had just got rid of the smell we used to get in the engine room and most of that smell was the cleaner we were pouring down the loo mixing with the stuff you pour in the tank. We had to take the electric pump to pieces and inside are two rubbers which help to syphon the tank. We had a peanut (well it looked like a peanut) stuck in one of these rubbers! After getting it working we took five barrel loads to the elsan point at Buckby top lock, but it did bring it down to just under half a tank, giving us another 12 days grace. This took up most of the day and so we didn't move, maybe we will tomorrow. We have had enough of it here now but we've got to say it was a good place to get stuck....Luckily it did help that we had a coal boat stuck here as well. After a good shower we just chilled in the evening....

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