Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow time

Woke up to snow against the porthole window, and it was beautiful outside with snow on the canal. We sat and listened to the radio and all the traffic reports which we must admit made us feel a bit smug.....this weather is lovely as long as you don't have to go anywhere in it! We spent the time doing some calculations for last year and were amazed that we had done six hundred and sixty locks and ten county's. The central heating has run for 840 hours and the engine at nearly 1000 hours.

The snow turned into showers but it was still cold till about midday when it seemed to thaw a bit. We used this opportunity to see if the water tap had frozen. It was about 200 metres away from Derwent6, just too far to run a hose. On turning it on all we got was a drip but after about ten minutes a small flow had started. We then got the 25 litre container and managed to pour 22 containers into the water tank. As we were pouring it in, the sky's cleared and the temperature dropped. We couldn't put any more in as the tap started to freeze again and went back to a drip, but we did fill the tank to 80% full, a job well done. It did take us about a hour to warm up afterwards though.

We have had some boat movement at the junction with a hire boat trying to get back through the tunnel before it closes on Monday for two months and another boat who thought he would wind (turn around). It turned out to be a expensive turn around as there was no paint on the bow by the time he got back, if they didn't need a blacking they do now!!!!!

Al had a great beef casserole going on the stove, which was bubbling away in Spitfire ale. Derwent6 smelt lovely all day.

We had a romantic dinner in the dayroom looking out at the snow covered fields all in the warm. Would we change this life? chance!


Anonymous said...

sounds so much more civilized than spending 4 hours getting back from work on the M2 from Medway last night!!! Still the beach is beautiful in the snow now we are here!!!!! Z and G xxx

abfab said...

Sounds great. Cant wait for ours..we do have a stew on the stove though!!
Trudy and John

Del and Al said...

Hi Z & G
OMG what a nightmare, I don't miss that! Remember trying to get back from Bracknell once round M25 and it taking 10 hours!! Hope you can stay indoors today and not have to travel, and can enjoy that wonderful seaside. Take care xxxxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Trudy & John
mmmmmmm can't beat it !!