Monday, January 25, 2010

Wild and Free

Yippppeeeeee we set off this morning at around 9,00am and the prop groaned into action after not being used for nearly six weeks. It's the longest Derwent6 has been static since it went in the water. It felt so good to be moving again and you felt like you were starting another adventure, who knows what is round the corner.
It wasn't long before we got to the bottom of the Watford Flight locks and we were surprised at how much work had been done here. There are now nice wooden boards at the bottom so you don't damage the sides anymore when tying up and the ponds had all been redone and were trimmed, together with new lock paddles. The gates were still leaking bad and you have to watch the bow still when going up, also the water tap wasn't working due to a burst pipe in the freeze.
We got to the top and saw our first lambs where the mother was still licking them and they were still trying to find their feet.
We then got to Crick tunnel which after all that snow was wet, wet, wet, and it was also very smoky with all the chimneys going. We had three boats in front of us as everyone had decided to move today. When we got out the tunnel we stopped for water and emptied the waste tank, having a cup of tea while we waited. We needed diesel and planned to get it at Crick Marina, but it was closed on Monday's. So with another cold snap on the way we thought it best to moor up for the night and get the diesel in the morning.
This gave us the rest of the day to relax a bit and chill out. It was nice to be looking at different scenery for a change. We also managed to get some washing done while moving, so Del might have some clean pants in the morning!

We just tried to load the pictures but the camera settings had moved to a high setting and on 2G here they won't load.... So we will put them on later....


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I use this program to resize my photos. I take them at hi res and save them on the computer, I then resize them with Picsizer befor emailing them.
It's free

Jill and Graham said...

I am concerned that Del, one year on, still has a problem with his underpants!!!!! For goodness sake Al, buy him some more - if not, give me a post office address & I'll send him some more. That poor man can't spend his entire retirement in ..... well, let's not go there.
Love from Matilda Rose

Del and Al said...

Hi Brian, thanks, we'll take a look

Del and Al said...

Hi Jill & Graham
looooooool buy some more???? No, Del says "there's plenty of life in them yet"