Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diesel do, dammed if they don't

Didn't get up too early this morning as we were waiting for the Marina to open. So Al walked to the Co-Op while Del wiped down Derwent6. When you go through a tunnel the water droplets, when they dry, leave a white deposit which is a bugger to get off. He also did some brasses while waiting for Al to come back. We then got our diesel at 67p a litre and Derwent6 took 160 litres, the most we have put in at any one time. We then set off for the countryside and soon passed Yelvertoft's new marina. We were amazed at the size of this place and how fast they had changed the landscape, you could still get through ok though. We did have to laugh at this sign which said "Switch off engine and coast slowly past the dam" ...... We didn't turn off the engine, but did go very slowly past!!!!

The sun had come out and a hot air balloon was floating above us, it was like a picture postcard. We could feel it getting colder in the afternoon so decided to pull over in a nice sunny spot with just fields around us. We then thought we might as well have lunch and a peaceful rest of the day.

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