Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Big Freeze

God it was cold last night.... minus nine was showing on our little weather centre, the coldest it has been on Derwent6. We had the fire going all night, and in the morning we couldn't get the porthole bungs out, due to them being frozen in. There was ice on the inside of the double glazing and we couldn't open the side doors. We've got to admit though it was very snug in bed and difficult to get out of it. Derwent6 was banging and creaking as it tried to warm up, well to a temperature of freezing anyway. The ice on the canal was now twice as thick as it was the night before. You do feel you could now walk on it and it is really beautiful, so a walk must be on the cards , but using the towpath.

We decided to walk down the Buckby flight and spent some time talking to other boaters who's plans had gone out the window due to the weather. On our way down the flight we met up with Hilary and Andy off n.b Maisibert ( ), who were out walking their dog Cassie. They walked to the local garden centre with us for a coffee, cake and a long chat, it was nice to catch up with them.

We then walked back and as it was into the wind, we found out how bitter the wind chill was. It was burning your cheek bones and it was a good job we had our thermals on.

When we got back and opened the doors on Derwent6....Wow the heat hit you...Lovely!!!! We soon had very rosie cheeks. We were also surprised at the time, where had it gone. We had a nice chill out in the afternoon and watched a beautiful sunset, and a good film.

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