Monday, February 01, 2010

Nice day, gone flat

Still iced in here after another cold night. We have had to put the heating on for a hour in the evening just to take the chill off the bedroom. Well no plans today, but it's a lovely day, so Al got her head stuck in her book. Del cleaned the boat below the gunwales and serviced the bikes, greasing bearings and things.. Del then went out on his bike, but was back within the hour with a puncture. Once again BW have been cutting the hedges and the thorns are just everywhere. It turned out that a new tube is needed so that will have to wait till we go back to Harborough. So he ended up going for a walk and took some more photos of the incline plane here at Foxton.
In the evening we had Del's favourite dinner, sausage chips and beans and then just chilled with the telly... We had a nice sunset though.


Anonymous said...

I can never get over how steep that incline is - must have been something to take a barge on it.

Hope to see it for ourselves one day - summer cruising plans still very much in the air.

Sue, Indigo Dream

Del and Al said...

Hi Sue, try and get up here if you can. Although having been here a few times the incline plane and the work they are doing to restore it never fails to fascinate. Good luck with your summer cruising plans.